Amla Super Murabba


Amla is known for is rich source ofanti-oxidents and vitamin-c.

It regulates the metabolism ,purifies ,the blood reduces  acidity ,acts as colon cleanser ,brings healthy shine to skin,eyes and hair, increases vitality ,enhances protein  synthesis and flushesout toxins.

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  • Ingredients- Amla ,Sugar& Acidity Regulator.(E-330), conatins permitted class II Preservative .(E-211).
  • Net contents:1 kg .
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  • Best before 12 month from the date of packing .

Amla : Murabba , juice , powder , canday ,pickle chutney ,churna , Laddo&Burfi.

  • Nutrition information per 100gm(approx).
  • Fat -0.25%
  • Protein (NX 6.25) -0.38%.
  • Carbohydrate -79.12%.
  • Total sugar -69.11%.
  • Total energy k cal 25%

Keep in cool &dry place &away from heat.

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